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Such a shame that I have just seen this game! Now that I got a chance to play it, I'm glad I did. Well worth it indeed. Everything is awesome! Game here: 

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I loved this game so much! So impressed with how much deep thinking had to go into the making of this game.  Was like playing a freaky trippy puzzle game with PT elements and a creepy storyline to boot.

Here's my playthru. Had a blast playing your game, thanks so much!

Absolute amazing game. Such great visuals and really scary at moments. o.O One of this websites great gifts, thanks Missing Mountain!!

Short gameplay moments for who likes;

OK that last part caught me completely off guard. I'm extremely impressed. Wow.

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

A great game. 

Another beautiful Windows-only game. Hope you release a Linux version some day.

Amazing Indie Game

One of the best indie horror games that i've played

mac version please? looks like a beautiful game but i cant play it because i have a mac :(

Interesting game!

As much as this game made me sick ( like when you get car sick ) It was very different and very cool, thank you! 

I was not the first. I will not be the last.

Got a bit lost at the end. Good job!

amazing full of surprises

This game creeped my out good


Gave it a go...

This was a very cool horror game!  the atmosphere was really good too! 

VERY Verry laggy, please put out a low graphics mode for us with shitty computers

Very strange and very interesting. I loved the narration. The whole thing reminded me of Layers of Fear!

Played this for a random indie horror video and thought it was really cool. There were some pretty bad frame rate issues here and there, But i think it was the game loading new areas for the first time. If you'd like to watch my playthrough of the game, you can below. I probably didn't see a lot but i played as much as i was happy with. Btw, what engine did you use to make this game?


Unity Engine was used to create this game


This is such a cool game! I love the changing environments. This has the feel of a triple A title. Here's my playthrough:

You took forth wall breaking and just ran with it. Great job with that. I'm always a fan of 4th wall breaks and the game is very well made inside and out.

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hi, big thx for the great experience. greetings from rosti


This was a very interesting and well thought out game. Thank you for developing and sharing it with us! Here's my playthrough, if anybody's interested.

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such an interesting game and really amazing, very well done <3

Cool game, i really like the crazy randomness. I'm not however, a fan of the "glitch/hacking your computer" games.

Deleted post

We love the enthusiasm however you weren't involved in designing this game. Plus don't worry it doesn't access your data just creates its own

why is your game so invasive? I can understand it wanting to be able to use notepad, but why was it trying to get at my antivirus and malware software?

It shouldn't have been trying to, it may, like most games, ask for permission to pass through the firewall to read/write data etc but it won't change any settings or programs


This game was awesome to play and extremely trippy (in all the right ways) I loved it, I'll admit I was lost at some points with the story BUT I feel that worked for it and made it a great "think about game" for when you finish it FULLY... more people need to get the real ending and experience what I'm talking about (P.S. Shout out to Nathan for helping me get the real ending)

If you wanna see a full complete play though then check my video out!! 

Awesome game guys!!


A very unique experience indeed. And I was really not prepared for that ending!

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This is actually my first time coming across a surreal horror game and the theme of surrealism is part of what I love as well so I think the creators did a good job in portraying the element of surrealism in the horror game EDEN. Some improvements for this game could be making the characters in the game look more realistic or look better as the characters in te game currently looks slightly rough on the edges. Moreover, I am pretty sure I did not complete the game and maybe many others did not complete the game as well. For me, I stopped playing as I had no idea what I was supposed to do next and there wasn't really a motive or aim provided for me to continue so I hope that maybe there is some way to tell the player that something is waiting for the player at the end of the tunnel because I thought that the game had ended and was just looping. 

Thank you for reading my comment. This was an amazing and interesting game that I really enjoyed. Hope to see more horror games like this in the future from you :).

Thanks for the feedback!

A large part of the game's theme is about control so we tried to employ that as many aspects of the game as we felt needed, for example that's why the character's movements are rigid and exaggerated, it was intended to seem like something was mimicking how people walk with the player's body.

If we had more time with the project we definitely would've leaned further into giving you more motivation to explore the halls however we were walking a fine line with also trying to balance the feel of being completely lost and wondering what the $#*^ could come next.

But alas that'll be for another game

P.S. Great video, would've loved to have seen your reaction to some of the areas though

Thanks for reading my comment.  I would love to show you my reaction but I prefer to remain annoymous for now XDDDD. If you remember me, be sure to notify me when more of your new games come out :).

No worries can't wait to see more of your videos, and we'll be sure to keep you posted :)

Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Really neat stuff, loved the way this played, it was very original and would be excellent as a longer length experience too. I was a little mystified by the actual narrative though, and I'm still not entirely sure if I've reached the actual "end". Either way, it was a great little experience well worth checking out.

Cheers and the actual end is one of the few things in the game which is very clear cut, you won't get very much closure from it though as sticking with the lovecraftian/cosmic horror aspects of the game, the descent is in more than just the story

Im at a loss of words...

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